Fiction (Novel):

Mujahideen (publication date, tbc)


Regular contributor to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), providing expert commentary on foreign policy, the Middle East/North Africa and issues related to terrorism and jihadism. My ABC writer’s profile can be found here. I have also appeared on ABC News Radio and 2SER.

Elsewhere, I have written for Small Wars Journal, Alpinist, Mountain Life and Outpost.

Magazine & Longform:

Elliott, C. Spring 2016. “Fire in the Cascades”. Alpinist 53.

Elliott, C. Spring 2017. “From Rock Upon Rock, A Mountain”. Alpinist 58.

Elliott, C. Winter/Spring 2017“Down & Out in Squamish and Whistler”. Mountain Life.

Elliott, C. June 2017. “Off the Rails in Mauritania”Outpost Issue 117.

Elliott, C. Winter 2017. “Totality from a Mountaintop”Alpinist 60.


Elliott, C. 2013. Understanding the Dialectic of Nomad and State. Small Wars Journal.

Elliott, C. 2013. On Targuité, Nomadism and the Nation: The Origins of Tuareg Militant Nationalism in North Africa. Small Wars Journal

Elliott, C. 2017. The Korea Crisis: When Human Politics Apes that of Chimps. Small Wars Journal.



2 thoughts on “Writing

  1. Thanks for your articles.. regarding your work of fiction called Mujahid about the Syrian conflict and the connection with modern Lawrences of Arabia you may well be aware of of this article written by TE Lawrence in 1915. He’d be about 20 – obviously his perspective is from a white man from the British empire but nonetheless his observations are interesting in providing some context of what is happening now in Syria? see link Anyway just thought I’d pass it along. all best with your writing Neil http://www.telstudies.org/writings/works/articles_essays/1915_syria_the_raw_material.shtml

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